Blog Week 3


I feel that it is important to pass Mr. Mendoza’s Technology Class because computers are a vital part of everyday life. Since I know that computers are not going away, I should be better informed on how to use them effectively. By obtaining this type of instruction, I could possibly receive a better job that has a higher salary.

The first way to accomplish the task of receiving a passing grade in Mr. Mendoza’s class is by completing his in-class assignments. Another way to ensure a good grade is by completing the weekly blogs. Finally, if I study for Mr. Mendoza’s tests, I will ensure a passing grade. Besides, I know that his tests are super easy and by not studying, I am excepting a failing grade.


Blog Post Week 2 Assignment


Your blog week 2 assignment is to write a blog and tell me as many ways as you can think of to use the sharing ability of a Google Document. Make sure to include specific examples!

As ALWAYS, make sure to title your blog, “Blog Week #”